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Toufic Nehme has been active both nationally and internationally as a litigation law firm; it is a trusted body with recognized objectivity. Some of the different areas of practices which it operates in are explained

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With its reliant, competent, professional, systematic and efficient workmanship, Toufic Nehme has been able to establish its renowned popularity among its clients. Legal advices and judicial representation always demand a high level of quality,

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Having significant experience under our belt, Toufic Nehme believes in rendering legal advices with the help of modern dynamics and highly pronounced quality services in the interest of clients. Our highly dedicated team is known for establishing

Real Property Law
Real property is generally classified into tangible and intangible real properties. The different concepts such as possession, priority, property rights and lease fall under real property law.
Social Securities Law
Social security is designed for, as the title suggests, providing safety and security. To protect individuals from sudden calamities and unforeseen catastrophes and to protect people
Employment law
Employment law covers a vast area from employment contracts to and everything in between. Many businesses find it worthwhile to use an employment lawyer or
We have been recognized as one of the top most litigation firm among the small and medium-sized enterprise category. Litigation law often refers to the rules and practices involved in
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