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Mission of Toufic Nehme

The mission of Toufic nehme is to fulfill litigation support services provide consultancy related to the legal field with a wide range of services for litigation preparedness”.


Our firm has received numerous prestigious awards and recognition for its vigorous work in developing international commercial connections. We are active at various places to protect you from potential legal risks. Our firm works on key investment projects that have considerable significance not just for business but for the development of the economy as a whole. It is a great honor for us to receive such appreciations at different ceremonies. We are striving to guide business along what is not right now the easiest of paths. We provide support and guidance through the most dangerous and steepest legal twists and turns, which are difficult to resolve. We are known for uncompromising independence and recognized objectivity. We have a strongest advantage of developing trust with our clients that forms the major base for our winning results. Aided with healthy motivation and gratitude, we are delighted to serve our clients with healthy motivation and will continue to do business on international markets. Legal processes are sometimes really complex and can consume your lot of time if you are not in guidance from correct litigators. An understanding of the appeal process and what it really means to take an appeal can be crucial to your success at this point in your legal dispute. Finding well informed lawyers can take you to greater heights instead of wasting fruitful time. Trusting Toufic nehme will surely benefit you in any situation.

Our legal services rendered to the clients include some of the following activities executed by experts in various categories:

  1.  Court Reporters: This includes reports of speeches, conversations, meetings, legal proceedings and other events. It is necessary for the written account of spoken words required for records, legal proof and correspondence.
  2.  Legal Marketing Services and Legal Speakers: We have dedicated experts in marketing for our work related to law firm and attorneys. Our motivational business leaders and legal professional speakers are highly qualified and honest in their work.
  3.  Private Detectives and Investigators: They act on fields to determine the facts in number of matters with the help of surveillance or searches. Visit to person’s place or making phone calls are also part of their activities. Background checks and interviewing to gather related information is also involved. This assists attorneys, businesses and the public with numerous problems in legal, financial and personal areas.
  4.  We work collaboratively with expert witness who have specialized knowledge through education, experience, skill, or training in areas relevant to finding any resolution of a legal dispute. The expert witness is generally allowed to offer an opinion in a formal manner as testimony in court without having been a witness to any occurrence relating to the lawsuit.
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